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FIFA's biennial World Cup campaign losing momentum
sokapro-FIFA's biennial World Cup campaign losing momentum

The bienial World Cup idea that could double the 6 Billion dollars that FIFA receives every four years is slowly losing steam.

FIFA had come out very strongly with a proposition to hold the FIFA World Cup after every two years but the idea received criticism from Europe and South America who boast of the big boys in world football with Asia and Africa as the only tempted regions to embrace the idea. FIFA will be holding a congress on Thursday in Doha, Qatar ahead of the Friday's group stages draw but sources close to the federation say that the talks will mostly be centred on the sanctions imposed on Russian football following its invasion of Ukraine with the biennial World Cup matter not making it to the day's agenda. Members will be called upon to back the exclusion of Russia from this year's Qatar World Cup.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA had proposed holding the global show piece every two years from the 2026 edition arguing that it will generate more revenue to member countries. If the reform was to be passed, the solidarity payment would rise from six to twenty five million dollars for each federation member with a further promise of nineteen million dollars to each national federation every four years. A study commissioned to look into the matter revealed findings that a biennial world cup would have more than doubled the six billion dollars FIFA makes every four years. FIFA however, vehemently denied that it was simply looking to making more revenue arguing that a world cup after every two years would give more chances for players to shine on the world stage.

The International Olympic Committee were amongst the first to come out guns blazing expressing concerns about the competition calender arguing that it might jeopardise the Olympics calender or even reduce the hype that comes with the Olympics games as it might be overlooked by the fans in favour of the World Cup. Several supporter groups have come out in opposition of Infantino's proposal arguing that it would have a dent in the savings for fans who save up in order to attend the finals every four years. Players further came out to question the mental and physical well being of themselves as they were already putting up with a hectic footballing schedule and adding another major tournament in between every two years will not serve them well. football stake holders, coaches, players, and most football fans around the world also argued that occasioning the global show piece every two years will only serve to reduce the quality and value of the tournament some further arguing that there was some thrill and excitement that always comes with the four years wait.