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Arrests made over selling fake World Cup Merchandise.
sokapro-Arrests made over selling fake World Cup Merchandise.

The Qatar authorities have confirmed arrests on individuals who were selling fake World Cup merchandise in imitation of the originals. This are the first arrests in relation to the 2022 World Cup.

Five people were arrested by Qatar authorities for marketing fake World Cup products as migrant workers flocked to catch a glimpse of the tournament trophy. The nation's cybercrime police detained the five individuals for promoting the sale of clothes bearing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 logo without obtaining prior approval from FIFA. Qatar is set to host the World Cup later this year in the period between November and December. The arrests declared on Tuesday are the first to be announced in relation to World Cup counterfeiting in Qatar. 

Approved merchandise has gone on sale in stores but cheap imitations of the originals are available in street markets and on online platforms. Thousands of migrant laborers, many of whom were hired in the building of the World Cup stadia turned out in large numbers for the last day of viewing the World Cup trophy that has been on a five-day tour in the Arab country. The six-kilogram golden trophy is kept inside a reinforced glass and many people were turned away before they were able to take a selfie with it. Following the arrest of the five individuals by the Qatar authorities, the world governing football body, FIFA has sent a “friendly reminder” in form of text messages to Qatari numbers to discourage the illegal use of tournament symbols and the World Cup