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Tips on how to play Football
sokapro-Tips on how to play Football

You want to become a professional fooballer? This article outlines to you some basic tips to get your started on your career.

Football is the world's most loved and watched game. In fact, it is the world's most popular game. Many around the globe dream of becoming professional footballers and even playing at the highest level which is the FIFA World Cup organized by the world football governing body, FIFA. Football can also be a difficult game as it requires the maximum of your physical abilities, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Here, we have collected some tips to help starters to become better football players:

1. Nothing can make you more perfect than practice: A saying goes that practice makes perfect, it can not be stated any further when it comes to matters of becoming a professional footballer. The more time you spend on the football pitch, the better your performance will be. Do not be lazy to do some extra work before or after a football game and never miss out on practice with your team. This shows your manager that you are also dedicated, committed, and devoted to your team.


2. learn the rules of the game: Do not only learn about the basic rules of football but also the specific aspects of the game. What is supposed to be done with a ball when picked up? What or how do you expect your opponent to react? The chances of winning become greater with an excellent grasp of the rules of the game.

3. Wear proper kits and sporting attire: Football is a professional game and there are ways in which the professionals in the field dress up for the task ahead. You should consider having good quality sporting equipment too both for practice and also for use in the field. 

4. Get faster and stronger: Your main effort should be put into improving your strength, mass, speed, and agility. Spend quality time at the gym but always remember that your goal is not to shape a perfect body but to increase your performance. In order to be consistent in your workout, make a workout plan and adhere strictly to it as this will help you in measuring your progress and success. 

5. Watch what you eat: Having a good diet can help in your performance as a football player ought to be a strong person. The food you eat gives you 80% of your muscles as training only accounts for 20% of it. Protein is essential for the growth of your muscles and thus you need to intake much of it. Multiply your weight per pound by 0.6 to calculate the grams of protein to eat every day. 

6. Just play and don't compete: Enjoy each game you play on the pitch and experience the difficulties and challenges that each game brings forward to you. If you win all the matches, then this is a good reason to consider playing for a team of a higher division than the one you are currently playing for. In order to become a better player, embrace the challenges that come forth with each and every game. 

7. Have enough rest: Rest and most essentially sleep is a vital part of your health. A bigger percentage of healing is done during sleep. Have enough hours of sleep before the game and have a good resting schedule. Alcohol intake distorts your sleep cycle and messes up with the production of testosterone, a hormone beneficial for the growth of your muscles and the production of energy.  

If you follow the above tips religiously, you will discover that football is the most enjoyable game you can involve yourself in. The only thing that requires is persistence and commitment in practice, a strong mentality, and a never giving up attitude. Enjoy the sport!

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