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Tips on how to stay in the Premier League after promotion
sokapro-Tips on how to stay in the Premier League after promotion

Most at times the odds are stacked against any newly promoted side in a Premier League packed with some of the world's richest clubs but with proper strategy, any newcomer in the League can be in the EPL to stay!

Any team that is newly promoted to the English Premier League can overachieve and remain in England's elite league beyond that first treacherous season. There are no hard and fast rules for how to stay up, with every club unique in its approach, but there are some basic common factors. Here are some of the insights into the process of remaining in the Premier League after promotion:

The Manager
A club not only needs a coach that will take them up to the Premier League but also need one that will keep them there. Initial fixtures are important for any promoted side's survival with early games either helping to make or break the confidence required to compete the rest of the season. Once a club has gone up the ladder, the coach needs to take the fixture list into consideration and discuss it with his team of assistant coaches and football professionals. A coach should have a strategy in place that creates a coping mechanism for how the players deal with losses and disappointments. How do you deal with losing 5-0? How do you get over that quickly? Those are the pertinent questions that a coach should frequently ask himself because he has to lead his team in dealing with such kinds of scenarios and situations when they occur. It is almost inevitable as a promoted side that you will get a pasting every now and again in a top-flight full of some of Europe's best clubs. It is important, however, for a coach to help his team to recover both mentally and psychologically after such a beating in order they can be in the right mental state to take on the next games. A manager needs to craft out a strategy for how to deal with dominating possession less often and yet at the same time ensure that he finds the back of the net and his team is not the one on the receiving end of goals. 

The Player
A strong squad ethic and spirit are key to defying the odds in that first season. If that breaks during the season, a club is in trouble. Firstly, every player of the squad just needs to enjoy the football and enjoy being at the club despite their coming from different walks of life. The problem with promoted sides starts when things get tough because often everyone else then gets an opinion on how to get better and as opinions differ here and there, the team spirit and morale are also affected to the downward trajectory. If a team lacks the right make-up of players, splinter groups start developing in the squad. There needs to be unity between the players of the team and the team fans as this helps to harness team spirit. One of the key components of driving this ability within the team is for the squad to take advantage of their home fixtures. At no time should fans and players stop enjoying going to the stadium as that creates a doom and dull environment which can take a mental toll on the players ahead of games. 

The Money
Promotion to the Premier League guarantees money beyond anything else possible in the leagues below it. A newly promoted team can experience football inflation in terms of the money coming in of up to 200% or even beyond. The big question, however, is how to spend that money. Football has witnessed all manner of different strategies from promoted clubs, some successful, some not. The board should be willing to gamble and take the risk of at least adding a few individuals with top-flight league experience into their squad. It is not wise for the management just to hold on to the same similar team that has taken them to the Premier League. A perfect example of the success of such a risk is in the last Premier League season whereby all three promoted players splashed their cash on players and the gamble paid off as they all stayed in the league after spending a significant amount to recruit heavily. 

The Statistics
In the history of the Premier League, only once have all three promoted teams gone straight back down again, in 1997-98 when Barnsley, Bolton, and Crystal Palace were relegated. This past season was the fourth time since 1992-93 that all three promoted sides have avoided the drop. Some of the highest finishes by any promoted side were in the 1993-94 season where Newcastle finished third, a third-place finish for Nottingham Forest in the 1994-95 campaign, and during the 2000-01 EPL season when Ipswich finished in the top five. No promoted side has managed to finish in that category again ever since. There exists a theory known as the 'second-season syndrome' theory whereby teams have been relegated after two top-flight seasons on 14 occasions ever since the fall of the century. Statistics can be best used to study team achievements and how to improve on them and to study team mistakes as well as how to avoid them. 

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